About Me

I am an experienced artist and educator, working within both the museum and gallery sector and in education. I produce photographic based artwork for exhibition inspired by the rich history of photography. I also work with major exhibitions to develop and deliver innovative photography related education programmes. My specialist area of knowledge is the practice of early photographic processes and translating these difficult techniques into engaging hands-on workshop activities. I enjoy working collaboratively and thrive on working with and learning from enthusiastic partners and knowledgeable curators.  

My practice is based around photographic archives and history. Central to my practice is the idea of the photograph as a two dimensional slice of history and its function in relation to the progression of time. I use historic photographic techniques from the dawn of photography such as the wet plate collodion process, daguerreotypes, calotypes and photogravure to make contemporary images that disrupt the linear representation of time.

I enjoy working in a socially engaged context with the public and engaging people in the process of making a photograph, particularly in hard to reach areas.

I'm currently underaking a Midlands 4 Cities AHRC funded PhD into the early history of photography in Birmingham, revealing the materials and processes behind the work of George Shaw.