Perspectives on Time

Perspectives on Time

‘There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time [...] Time is only a kind of Space.’ 

H G Wells , The Time Machine 1895

This body of work, made with teams of field archaeologists at various dig sites  explores the search for evidence of history and plotting of time within the landscape. However, instead of unearthing finds, the archaeologists spend time chasing shadows, in a practice which can draw peculiar parallels with the function of the photographic negative. Darker areas within the soil reveal places where matter is buried and past events have taken place.  These areas are marked out with string and dug out as geometric shapes.

These shadows and the resulting sculptural forms constructed by the archeologists function as the anti-decisive moment. They are plotted and mapped, constructing a new perspective of space and time which indexes time through the recording of traces. 

The photographs are a form of time travel as slices of history.